About Fencerite Waikato

The company Fencerite Waikato Limited was formed in 2016 with the arrival of the Laminata Fencing System on the market. Trevor Woolston has had a lifetime of fencing behind him, taking on farm fencing at 18 in 1975. In 1980 Trevor was introduced to the National Golden Pliers Farm Fencing Championships.

This took Trevor’s skillset to a new level, and in 1985 Trevor won the National competition and again in 1987. Trevor was a runner-up 4 times, opening many doors to large-scale deer, horse and later dairy farm developments.

Trevor was introduced to the Laminata Fencing System and was so impressed with what he saw he traded his hammer and pliers in and left the farm environment to start a new business doing residential fencing, and this was the birthing of Fencerite Waikato Ltd. His business focus was to build the profile of the Laminata fencing System, and because it was so new and so different from other timber fences, it took a few years before the product found its rightful place in the marketplace.

The product was designed to drag the existing paling fence system out of the dark ages, and Laminata’s cross lamination of their panels, as well as being dry, has created a fence that is so much more stable and well received as the finished look is identical on both sides. No unsightly rails to look at.

We were the original installers of the Laminata product, and now we are the largest user of the Laminata fencing System in the country. Trevor’s attention to detail has cemented his place in the residential marketplace as the leading installer of this product. The client is not just buying a great fence system; they are drawing on 47 years of experience. Trevor is happy to do site visits, and supply quotes on any fencing work the client desires, but don’t be surprised to learn more about the Laminate product. 

Cambridge Based

Fencerite Waikato is based in Cambridge but will travel anywhere in Waikato and has done work in the Coromandel Peninsula. Fencerite Waikato is also a preferred installer of The Beams and Timber post and rail system, as this is another premium product that Trevor is happy to work with.

This product can be ordered by clients and shipped to our yard and unloaded and stored until the fence is installed. We have a workforce of 4 very experienced men, and we also offer a painting service for all fences we install.

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